First Dance Lessons

Be a Positive Influence on Your Partner

If we were to ask you who has been the biggest influence in your life, career, success, etc., we bet you’d think of either someone you look up to (a major player in your field or a teacher or mentor that made an impact) or someone in your family (father, grandmother, aunt). But what about the person that sleeps next to you every night? What about the person that kisses you goodnight, the one you’ve decided to share your life with?

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Be Happy about Dancing! 5 Attitudes to Bring to your Wedding Dance Lessons

You’ve decided to take dance lessons in preparation for your wedding. Hurray! We love to hear that you’re spending time with your loved one, preparing for an important moment of your wedding day. Now, we know that the decision to take dance lessons might not be one that was met with joy and excitement. It might feel like just another thing that you need to check off your wedding to-do list. Well, we’re here to help you change that feeling! While it’s our job as dance instructors to inspire your interest in dancing, there a few changes you can also make to ensure you have a great time learning and spending time together. Really, it all comes down to the way you think about dance lessons.

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Dance Lessons Are More than Learning Spins & Dips

We are dance instructors, not therapists, but we can’t ignore the fact that dancing together, and more specifically learning to dance together helps to maintain a happy, healthy relationship. We all have basic needs that must be met in order to live fulfilling lives. Identified by Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, as a hierarchy for human potential, there are six basic human needs that are all met through the process of learning to dance. By learning to dance with your loved one, you are not only meeting your personal needs, but you are fulfilling the needs of your partner and strengthening the bond between you.

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Being a Contribution in the Dance Learning Process

From our very earliest age, we are taught that life is something to be conquered and that we have landmarks ahead of us and many tasks to achieve and that there are obstacles that must be overcome along the way. How does that affect the dance learning process? Read more to find out.

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Everyone is an Ideal Dance Student

At ballroom and Latin dance competitions around the world, the most outstanding dance couples gather to show off the skills they’ve been painstakingly developing, often from the time they’re old enough to walk. The judges are instructed that only one couple can win, and that the second and third place dance couples will also receive notable mention. In other words, one couple will receive an “A,” and two others a “B” and “C” and everyone else a failing mark, even though the dance skill of every couple is outstanding compared to anyone’s standards. Imagine the blow to your morale if you are the couple in the requisite fourth or fifth place.

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Entering A Life of Possibility Through Dance

Now that we understand that all of our negative perceptions are all invented, we’d like to discuss how to create a place, or mindset, where we fluidly invent new ways of thinking that do not confine us. Let’s call this place the “realm of possibility.” This realm is limitless and extends well beyond the borders we’ve created for our everyday reality.

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Perception & Learning to Dance

A dance studio sends two instructors to Cuba to see if there is a market in the newly opened economy. One calls his boss after the first night saying, “This market is hopeless. Everyone already dances salsa.”

The other instructor calls later that afternoon. “We have an amazing business opportunity!” He says. “Everyone dances salsa, but no one dances waltz.”

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Dance Lessons

As dance instructors, we work tirelessly to give our students the best learning experience possible. However, there are a few things that are out of our control, so we gathered a list of the 9 most important things our students can bring to the table to make their learning process the best it can be.

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BDC Student Spotlight: Gwen & Mikey - Getting Closer Through Dance

“Moving together and expressing ourselves physically through dancing provides a unique thrill, and every time we learn a new step or perfect an old one, we experience a new part of that thrill.”

Mikey and Gwen came to the studio with a plan: learn to dance for the wedding and be efficient about it. 

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