Brendan & Kendall's Dreamy Palm Beach Wedding

Brendan & Kendall tied the knot in Palm Beach at The Eau Resort and Spa on May 20th, 2017.

Wedding couple dipping

"We were so nervous that we went and practiced while everyone was at cocktail hour (photographer and videographer got some great shots), but once we started, everything just flowed. We were singing and having fun. Hearing the cheering and applause feels pretty great when you know how hard you've worked! Afterwards, we were so grateful that dinner was being served, and all eyes were on the food!"

Brendan & Kendall danced to "Snow Outside" by Dave Matthews Band. 

Wedding Couple dancing together
Husband and wife dip and kiss during their first dance

What was your favorite part of taking dance lessons for the wedding? 

"Being able to laugh at ourselves. We didn't look at this like it was something we HAD to do. We did it because we wanted to do something fun, unique and entertaining"

Wedding Couple kiss
Wedding couple doing a cool dance move

What insight or knowledge can you share with other couples who are taking dance lessons for their wedding? 

"Relax. Don't be perfect. Enjoy being together and make it fun. If you mess up, no one will know."

Bride and groom celebrate their marriage

Wedding planner: Sara Renee

Reception Venue: The Eau Resort and Spa Palm Beach

Entertainment: Powerhouse

First Dance: Ballroom Dance Chicago

Photographer: Nancy Cohn

Bridal gown: Bella Bianca

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