While we can all appreciate Kanye and Kim’s first dance for its lack of imagination (if you haven’t seen it, you must!), know you can and should do better than that. 

The great news is that we’re 100% certified in “Crafting First Dances that Are Actually Enjoyable to Watch,” so you’re in good hands. Contact us to get started.

A Chicago wedding at the Four Seasons
  • Each dance lesson is one full hour (you and your fiancé with one instructor)

  • Lessons can be scheduled Monday - Friday from 1-10pm, Saturday from 11am-4pm

  • Rates range from $90-$110 per hour, depending on the number of hours purchased at a time. Per lesson pricing is also available.

  • Prepare a fully choreographed routine or simply get comfortable with the basics  

  • Complimentary beverages and snacks

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Photo by Steve Koo

Photo by Steve Koo

Photo by Aster & Olive

Photo by Aster & Olive

Private Wedding Dance Lessons

First Dance at the Chicago History Museum, Photo by Kina Wicks

First Dance at the Chicago History Museum, Photo by Kina Wicks

Dancing at your wedding might sound as appealing as hot soup on a summer day, but do you really want to “just get by” (i.e., not fall down)?

Maybe you want a fully choreographed dance. Maybe you just want to take your sway to the next level. Or maybe you have no clue what you want! Regardless, we’re excited to help you prepare for your wedding and make your goals a reality (or help you figure out what your goals are). So, schedule your first lesson sooner rather than later, and we’ll go from there.

Each private lesson is one full hour with a wedding dance instructor. Rates range from $90 - $110 per lesson depending on the number of lessons purchased at a time. Per lesson pricing is also available.

We know you’re probably thinking, “But how many lessons will we need?” While there’s no “one size fits all” magic number of lessons to feel good dancing together, the more time you spend learning to dance, the better dancers you’ll be! Whether you just got engaged or are getting married next weekend, we’d love to meet you and get started. If you have more questions, check out First Dance FAQ or contact us to start a conversation with a wedding dance instructor today.

Running short on time? We recommend signing up for a Crash Course.

Free First Dance Consultation:
Uncertain about taking wedding dance lessons? We offer a free 30 minute wedding consultation for you to meet an instructor, discuss your goals and try us out. Please contact us to set up a consultation.

Still uncertain about wedding dance lessons with us?
Check out how we're different from the typical dance studio.

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Wedding Dance Crash Course Lessons

Wedding crash courses are right for you if you have limited time to prepare for your first dance (one month or less). While ideally wedding couples start at least three months before their big day, this is not always how things play out, which is why we developed this accelerated course.

+ Crash Course Options

2 Week Intensive
-Two lessons per week (for a total of 4 lessons)
-Two instructors present in each lesson
-$740 ($185/lesson with two instructors)

3 Week Intensive
-Two lessons per week (for a total of 6 lessons)
-Two instructors present in each lesson
-$1020 ($170/lesson with two instructors)

4 Week Intensive
-Two lessons per week (for a total of 8 lessons)
-Two instructors present in each lesson
-$1280 ($160/lesson with two instructors)

With two instructors present in every lesson, each partner learns their respective part separately, and then they practice together. By first learning with a professional, each partner reaches a level of competency at a much more accelerated rate. To schedule a Crash Course, or have your questions answered by a real person, contact us.

Not sure you want to spend time learning to dance? Check out why you should Say Yes to Your First Dance and choose to learn from us

+ We have such little time to take dance lessons for our wedding. Is it still worth it?

1) You’ll get to spend quality time together during the stressful planning process. The couples who come to us to learn their first dance say it is the most enjoyable part of wedding planning; you’ll find that you’ll often make your dance-nights a date-night. In fact, we encourage our couples to lighten up a little and just enjoy each other instead of being so focused on the task. You’ll learn more, and faster, if you have fun during the learning process.

2) Ask your DJ or band leader: the first dance kicks off the reception and sets the mood for the whole party. There’s no doubt about it, you two will set the energy for the whole reception. Certainly, your guests will be excited to celebrate your new bond, but they also want to celebrate with you, and the first dance is a great way to establish whatever energy you’re going for at your reception. We find that most people like to keep their first dances playful and light – nothing too formal or sappy – to insure a fabulous and festive evening.

3) Having the first dance as husband and wife is an important tradition. It’s been a part of wedding celebrations since the 17th century. The idea is that the guests of honor, you two, open up the dance floor with the first dance. As we mentioned earlier, your guests are looking to you for the mood you want to establish at your wedding reception.

Banner Image : Maggie Fortson