The 3 Best Reasons to Take Wedding Dance Lessons

Planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming. We’ve never planned one, but we have it on good authority that it’s a hectic endeavor. So much so, that one might overlook the the possibility of taking dance lessons to prepare for their first dance. However, there are many reasons to consider taking dance lessons for your wedding! Here are our top 3:

A Wedding couple looking at one another during their first dance

 1) Your first dance may be one of the only moments to spend quality time with your new spouse during your wedding day. Of course, the entire day is centered around the two of you, but the rest of your day will be a blur of spending time with family and friends while rushing from ceremony to reception to after-party. During your first dance, you have a moment to slow down and just enjoy each other's company. Taking dance lessons will prepare you so you don’t have to worry about what where to put your arms or how to step in sync, and you can focus on just being together.

 2) Between your busy lifestyle and wedding planning, learning to dance is a great way to spend time together. Much like your first dance on your wedding day, your lessons will be designated time to just spend together in the midst of your busy lives. We know that when life gets crazy, date nights are the first thing to fall off the schedule. By taking dance lessons, you don’t have to make that sacrifice! And as an added bonus: you get to learn a new skill that you can enjoy together for the rest of your lives.

3) You might just find a lifelong hobby that you and your sweetheart can continue.  Learning to dance in a partnership is very similar to learning to live in a partnership, and couples who dance together, stay together. We’re not sure if that’s a proven fact, but we like to believe it is. In our experience, we’ve seen that couples who continue to regularly move and dance together create a stronger bond with one another, making their partnership that much more connected.

So call Ballroom Dance Chicago today and start preparing for your wedding this summer! If you need more convincing, visit our website, blog, or email us at with any questions!