Parent Dance Lesson in Chicago

A father/daughter wedding dance by Ballroom Dance Chicago.

Parent Dance Quick Info:

In preparation for your father/daughter or mother/son dances, we will teach you to dance in a style that best fits your song choice and personal taste. Most importantly, you will learn to lead and follow so that you will feel confident and comfortable dancing in front of the guests at your wedding.

Standard private lessons: (1 hr, 45 minutes with an instructor and 15 minutes of practice at the end) $90 - 110 per lesson depending on the number of lessons purchased. Per lesson pricing is also available. Contact us to schedule a dance lesson with your parents.

+ What else should I consider when preparing to dance with my parent(s)?

At wedding receptions in the United States, it’s common to have mother/son and father/daughter dances following the first dance between the newly married couple. While these dances are not a necessary part of the evening, most newly married couples choose to include them to add to the sentiment of the evening. We definitely recommend including these dances, and here are a few more things to think about:

1) If a parent, for whatever reason is unavailable, both the bride and the groom may choose to share the dance with a close relative of an older generation.

2) If you’re on the fence about including mother/son or father/daughter dances, ask your parents if they’re meaningful to them. If so, definitely include these dances.

3) Don’t dance to an entire song. Keep these dances short and sweet, say one to two minutes in length.

4) Be careful not to choose songs that are overly romantic.

5) If you’re afraid your parents don’t have rhythm, check out this blog post.

6) If you’re not taking lessons for your first dance, seriously consider doing so. Read this blog post and then contact us right away.

Nervous about dancing with your fiance? We offer First Dance Lessons, too.

Banner photo taken by Krystal Mitchell