Wedding Dance Tutorials

Below you will find useful wedding dance tutorials that will help you prepare to dance at your wedding. Most of these tutorials are basic and should be pretty easy to learn on your own. If you have questions about how these steps fit to any song, feel free to contact us! We're here to help!

The Box Step

This basic box step is found in every dance style and can be used with almost every song out there, which is why it's a must learn for your upcoming wedding.  

Underarm Turn in the Box

This is a continuation from the box step, so if you're not familiar with the box, learn that first. The underarm turn will help add a little flair to your wedding dance!

Side Basic 

This is arguably the easiest dance step to learn (and the most versatile!), so you should definitely have this in your repertoire for the dancing at your wedding!

Side Basic - Inside Turn

The inside turn is easy once your break it down, so make sure to give this a try! This spin will be sure to make your wedding guests cheer!

The Dip

You can end your first dance many different ways, but this is the classic: the dip! Your guest won't be able stay seated after this ending.


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