Your Relationship May Be Failing

When the heart turns away, even slightly, when one or both partners begin to question the soundness of their love, it can be very easy to lose a relationship to snowballing negativity. The truth is that once trouble starts, it can be nearly impossible to stop and/or reverse that kinetic energy. Let dancing help you solve the troubles between you and your significant other!

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Top 5 Wedding Songs for the Chicago Enthusiast

Chicago pride runs deep, and if you grew up in Chicago, met your fiance in Chicago, and plan to have a big Chicago wedding, chances are you’re in the league of proud Chicagoans. Now the question is, how to represent your pride on your wedding day? How about dancing to a perfectly "Chicago" song?

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17 Classy, But Oh-So-Sexy First Dance Songs

If your close friends and family would describe your relationship with your fiance as playful, romantic, and passionate, then chances are you can pull off something a little less traditional for the first dance, so why not make it a little on the sexy side? 

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How Long Should the First Dance Be? : Music Cutting Services

“How long should the first dance be?” is a question we’ve come to expect upon meeting a couple for their first wedding prep lesson. Seven glorious minutes swaying in your loved-one’s arms sounds pretty much synonymous with enjoying seven layers of delicious chocolate cake, but it actually isn’t. Shocker, we know! After taking a few lessons, most brides and grooms are painfully aware of how long even just two minutes of dancing can feel, but they aren’t necessarily adept at knowing how to transform the seven minute ballad they’ve chosen into an abbreviated two minute version in a graceful, timely manner. Enter BDC.

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Until Death Do We Dance: Dancing After Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is hard work. Between decisions and meetings, differences in opinion and family pressure, it can really pose a challenge to your relationship. But once the wedding is over, you’re left to navigate your marriage, which can be prove to be more difficult than you may have planned for. The hard work doesn’t end when you say, “I do.” In fact, it’s probably just begun. You can’t expect that your partner will forever be happy just to be married to you. The relationship doesn’t continue developing and growing on its own, just because you put a ring on it. Enter the power of dance!

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Joey & Vidhi's Surprise First Dance

Joey & Vidhi wanted to start with a slow, romantic song for their first dance, then break out into a surprise choreographed routine, complete with spins, lifts, and dips.

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Most Popular First Wedding Dance Songs

Finding the perfect first dance song is tough! But, familiarizing yourself with the most popular first dance songs can definitely help guide your search. The 7 songs listed in this blog are popular for a reason: each one has a unique style, includes lyrics that are fitting for a wedding, and inspires movement that makes sense for a first dance. 

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Bill & Kinsley's Fun & Classic First Dance

Bill & Kinsley tied the knot at the Chicago History Museum in September 2015. Rachael choreographed a beautiful dance to the song "Orange Colored Sky" for their first dance. 

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A Romantic First Dance at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Patrick & Emily tied the knot at The Chicago Botanic Garden on October 17th, 2015. We caught up with them & asked them some questions about learning to dance for their wedding. 

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How to Make the Most of Your Crash Course : Video

In this video, we'll give you some tips on how to get the most of your crash course wedding dance lessons. Taking even a few lessons will help you feel comfortable performing your first dance and will put your nerves at ease. With the crash course, you have very little time to prepare for your first dance, so it's imperative that you get the most out of each dance lesson you're able to take. Here's some advice on how to approach your crash course lessons from the instructors at Ballroom Dance Chicago. 

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How Many Dance Lessons Do We Need to Prepare for Our Wedding?

This question has a complex answer so bear with us while we start with a story:

If you want to read an abridged answer, click here.

After the Buddha had spent years walking from village to village answering questions about the meaning of life and how to reach a state of enlightenment, he was finally asked a question that caused even this most enlightened wise man to sit and contemplated.

A young man in fine clothing asked to meet with him in private, insisting that he needed the full attention of the Buddha.

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How to Choose Your First Dance Song: Video

You may have tons of great ideas for choosing your first dance song. Or maybe you have no idea how to begin! This video will offer some insight an advice on how to choose a wedding song that's right for you.  

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Should We Practice Our Dance? : Video

You've heard that practice makes perfect, but how exactly should you go about practicing your newfound dance moves? Let us tell you in this video!

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You Won't Believe this Wedding Planning Task Actually Reduces Stress!

As dance instructors, it goes without saying that dancing brings us joy. We all know that if we’re having a hard day, we can just get up and dance, and even if nothing is resolved, we at least feel better about it! And we have the pleasure of sharing our understanding of the benefits of dance with our many wedding dancers preparing for their first dance! But, do we just enjoy dancing because it’s a lighthearted, fun activity or does dance actually have the power to make us happier, healthier individuals?

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How Does the First Dance Learning Process Work?

Everyone can learn to dance for their wedding. That goes without question. We’re all born to move, learn and explore and learning your first dance is just an extension of this natural impulse to move and connect.

Every couple who comes to Ballroom Dance Chicago for first dance lessons has been successful in learning how to dance with each other (of course to varying degrees of success). It doesn’t matter what your goals are or the amount of energy and time you dedicate to learning to dance, you will walk out of the dance studio having a clearer idea of how to move together.

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Wedding Dance Lessons - How Many?

When it comes to your first dance, you determine your success by how much you’re willing to commit to the learning process (i.e., number/frequency of lessons, hours of practice, etc). Just like all the other details in your wedding to which you’ve dedicated time and money, you decide how your first dance goes: do the bare minimum or kill it; have a fun, elegant, playful (whatever adjective works for you) first dance or hold each other and sway like you’re at your high school prom. Our job as dance instructors at Ballroom Dance Chicago is to get you looking as good as possible in the amount of time you give us to instruct you.

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