Wild West Weddings - New Wedding Trend

Country First Dance

Yes, you read that correctly, but we may not be saying it all that correctly. Really, the theme isn’t “wild west,” rather, weddings are headed, at least in design and style, to the beauty of the west. Think ranches, cowhide, wildflower bouquets, whiskey cocktails, etc.

While we here at Ballroom Dance Chicago are city slickers at heart, we do like the country a whole lot and, particularly, those sappy, sweet country love ballads. We’re all in, especially if that means we’ll have more wedding couples choosing country songs for their first dance. Actually, in 2014 there was a huge push for country songs. In fact, over 25 percent of our wedding clientele used country songs that year. And here at the end of the 2015 wedding season, we’re seeing a bigger push in that direction. However, this time it goes beyond first dances. We’re talking a whole western wedding…well, you know what we mean.

Think mixtures of distressed leather elements, copper, lace, and reclaimed wood to offset the formality typically found in a wedding. What we’re saying is that weddings are getting way more personal. Softer. A little lighter at heart.

If you want to head this direction for your wedding/first dance, check out our blog on country songs for your first dance. Or check out this great blog for great country-themed ideas for your wedding.