Why Should Dance Lessons Be a Priority During Wedding Planning?

Make dancing together a priority.

Why should we make dance lessons a priority during wedding planning?

Short answer:

Because you need to make time to just BE with your fiance. Dance lessons give you the opportunity to be in the moment together and take a step back from the stress.


Long answer:

As dance instructors, we look at today’s society with a bit of disdain. We walk into a restaurant and see a couple sitting at a table together, faces in their phones. They may not say a word until the waiter comes over to prompt them to speak, and then their faces go straight back to the device once the waiter walks away. We live in a world that is more connected than ever, but our physical moments together are more disconnected than ever, and I’m sure you can relate. As dance instructors, it’s our job to connect people face to face, so naturally, we want to rip the phone out of their hands and make them look into each other’s eyes and smile. And the cool thing is, we have this opportunity every day at the studio. Technology, work stress, wedding planning, etc. rob us all of our quality time with our significant others, and dance lessons are a great way to get it back (while still checking something off of your wedding planning list). The more time you spend face to face, enjoying a real moment together, without any distraction, the better partner you will be to your fiance.

A wedding is all about being in the moment together, connecting with your partner, and showing all of your friends and family how in love you are. So, take the time to have special moments with your partner leading up to the big day. This is the biggest day and the starting point of the rest of your lives together, and the planning process should be an experience you look back on with joy and pride. So, sign up for some dance lessons. Not only will they help you look graceful during your first dance, but they will also give you uninterrupted moments to just be together.

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