Top 5 Wedding Songs for the Chicago Enthusiast

Chicago pride runs deep, and if you grew up in Chicago, met your fiance in Chicago, and plan to have a big Chicago wedding, chances are you’re in the league of proud Chicagoans. Now the question is, how to represent your pride on your wedding day? We’ve seen a variety of ideas from our couples such as catering their favorite food spots like Stan’s Donuts or late night hot dogs by Gene n’ Jude's; having photos taken in front of iconic landmarks around town; and including trademarks like Garrett's popcorn and Blackhawks’ swag into their gift bags. The possibilities are endless!

Iconic Chicago Flag

But what's the best way (in our opinion) to honor your Chicago pride? Choose a first dance song representative of this great city where you fell in love! Here’s a list of our Top 5 First Dance Songs that represent your Chicago romance:

  1. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra
    The way Dermot Mulroney sings this song to Julia Roberts as they cruise down the Chicago River in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is arguably one of the most romantic scenes in any movie. Ever. Why not channel that energy in your first dance with the love of your life? The Sinatra version is not only the definition of classy, but contains just the right amount of romance.

  2. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love from Blues Brothers
    While this Blues Brothers’ song doesn’t scream romance, it is a ton of fun to dance to, and the lyrics are straightforward and happy, making this a great choice for the couple that wants their guests to party all night long.

  3. You & I by Wilco
    Chicago-based band Wilco is a favorite among Chicagoans of all generations and walks of life. This song is tender, danceable, and sweet, making it a perfect choice for your first dance.

  4. Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
    If you’re a fan of the classics and a fan of Chicago’s jazz roots, then this arrangement of Dream A Little Dream Of Me is an obvious choice for your first dance. The bluesy feel and romantic harmony will have you dancing all night long.

  5. Baby, I love Your Way by Peter Frampton
    If you’re a fan of Chicago and a fan of music, then you probably really dig the movie, “High Fidelity” with John Cusak, and who could forget the moment he sees Lisa Bonet for the first time, singing this tune. So cute.

There are a million more Chicago-centric first dance songs out there, and we hope this list has given you the inspiration to go out and find the one that speaks to you! If you’d rather go the more traditional route, check out our list of the seven most popular first dance songs. If you have more questions or would like help with your first dance, contact us at