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The 10 Things All First Dances MUST Include

So you want to have a first dance at your wedding. You choose a song you like only to know nothing about dancing, let alone dancing in front of 200 people! What should a first dance look like? What should it feel like? When does the first dance happen during the reception? Yikes! But, look no further. We’ve got your back with the 10 things that all 1st dances must have to help guide you into a glorious first dance.

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5 Surefire Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

If you’re like most Brides-to-be, you’ve spent countless hours choosing flower arrangements, hand-selecting centerpiece vases, and organizing the perfect seating chart that will have your guests mixing and mingling with ease. But there’s still one detail that you’re afraid might be out of your control: the dance party. How can you make sure you and your guests have a ball at your wedding?

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How to Choose Your First Dance Song: Video

You may have tons of great ideas for choosing your first dance song. Or maybe you have no idea how to begin! This video will offer some insight an advice on how to choose a wedding song that's right for you.  

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Wild West Weddings - New Wedding Trend

Yes, you read that correctly, but we may not be saying it all that correctly. Really, the theme isn’t “wild west,” rather, weddings are headed, at least in design and style, to the beauty of the west. Think ranches, cowhide, wildflower bouquets, whiskey cocktails, etc.

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How to Fill the Dance Floor at Your Wedding Reception

Your ceremony was gorgeous, your guests had a blast at cocktail hour, and your first dance as husband and wife went off without a hitch, but the party has only just begun! Of course you and your fiancé are going to have a great time partying at the reception; the day is all about you, after all… but how can you be sure your guests will join in on the fun?

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Country Western First Dance Songs

Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of couples using a country song for their first dance. Country music is a great choice for a first dance because the lyrics are often romantic and poetic, and couples can dance an entertaining mix of two-step and swing.

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Our Favorite First Dance Songs of 2012

As a dance studio that specializes in wedding dance instruction, we listen to tons of first dance songs. Here are some of our favorites of 2012 that are great for dancing and unique for a first dance. Check them out!

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