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3 Things You “Know” About the First Dance That Are Actually Totally Wrong

There are many misconceptions about planning a wedding, from “all of our guests will be able to fly from Chicago to Greece for our wedding, right?” to “I can totally DIY all of our flower center pieces by myself.” We’ve all been there, and we’ve all found out that sometimes things just aren’t as they seem, and so it is with the first dance. Here are 3 things you “know” about the first dance that are actually totally wrong.

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Say Yes to Your First Dance

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of details to be accounted for when planning your wedding reception, and of course, every couple has their own priorities. But, whether your wedding will be a formal affair or a quirky, unique celebration, your first dance as a married couple is the one detail that can’t slip through the cracks of your wedding planning process. So, why is the first dance so important?

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The 10 Things All First Dances MUST Include

So you want to have a first dance at your wedding. You choose a song you like only to know nothing about dancing, let alone dancing in front of 200 people! What should a first dance look like? What should it feel like? When does the first dance happen during the reception? Yikes! But, look no further. We’ve got your back with the 10 things that all 1st dances must have to help guide you into a glorious first dance.

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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions about Learning a First Dance

As wedding dance experts, we meet a lot of people preparing for their first dance. And that means that we’ve heard a wide variety of perspectives about what it takes to be a good dancer, how the learning process works, and the general significance of a first dance. Most of these beliefs are based on people’s own experience or understanding, but unfortunately many of these beliefs are the complete opposite of the truth as we experts know it. As experienced dancers, instructors and wedding specialists, we bring you 5 of the most common misconceptions about the first dance...

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5 Surefire Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

If you’re like most Brides-to-be, you’ve spent countless hours choosing flower arrangements, hand-selecting centerpiece vases, and organizing the perfect seating chart that will have your guests mixing and mingling with ease. But there’s still one detail that you’re afraid might be out of your control: the dance party. How can you make sure you and your guests have a ball at your wedding?

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Top 5 Wedding Songs for the Chicago Enthusiast

Chicago pride runs deep, and if you grew up in Chicago, met your fiance in Chicago, and plan to have a big Chicago wedding, chances are you’re in the league of proud Chicagoans. Now the question is, how to represent your pride on your wedding day? How about dancing to a perfectly "Chicago" song?

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17 Classy, But Oh-So-Sexy First Dance Songs

If your close friends and family would describe your relationship with your fiance as playful, romantic, and passionate, then chances are you can pull off something a little less traditional for the first dance, so why not make it a little on the sexy side? 

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How Long Should the First Dance Be? : Music Cutting Services

“How long should the first dance be?” is a question we’ve come to expect upon meeting a couple for their first wedding prep lesson. Seven glorious minutes swaying in your loved-one’s arms sounds pretty much synonymous with enjoying seven layers of delicious chocolate cake, but it actually isn’t. Shocker, we know! After taking a few lessons, most brides and grooms are painfully aware of how long even just two minutes of dancing can feel, but they aren’t necessarily adept at knowing how to transform the seven minute ballad they’ve chosen into an abbreviated two minute version in a graceful, timely manner. Enter BDC.

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Joey & Vidhi's Surprise First Dance

Joey & Vidhi wanted to start with a slow, romantic song for their first dance, then break out into a surprise choreographed routine, complete with spins, lifts, and dips.

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Most Popular First Wedding Dance Songs

Finding the perfect first dance song is tough! But, familiarizing yourself with the most popular first dance songs can definitely help guide your search. The 7 songs listed in this blog are popular for a reason: each one has a unique style, includes lyrics that are fitting for a wedding, and inspires movement that makes sense for a first dance. 

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Bill & Kinsley's Fun & Classic First Dance

Bill & Kinsley tied the knot at the Chicago History Museum in September 2015. Rachael choreographed a beautiful dance to the song "Orange Colored Sky" for their first dance. 

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A Romantic First Dance at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Patrick & Emily tied the knot at The Chicago Botanic Garden on October 17th, 2015. We caught up with them & asked them some questions about learning to dance for their wedding. 

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How to Choose Your First Dance Song: Video

You may have tons of great ideas for choosing your first dance song. Or maybe you have no idea how to begin! This video will offer some insight an advice on how to choose a wedding song that's right for you.  

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Should We Practice Our Dance? : Video

You've heard that practice makes perfect, but how exactly should you go about practicing your newfound dance moves? Let us tell you in this video!

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How Does the First Dance Learning Process Work?

Everyone can learn to dance for their wedding. That goes without question. We’re all born to move, learn and explore and learning your first dance is just an extension of this natural impulse to move and connect.

Every couple who comes to Ballroom Dance Chicago for first dance lessons has been successful in learning how to dance with each other (of course to varying degrees of success). It doesn’t matter what your goals are or the amount of energy and time you dedicate to learning to dance, you will walk out of the dance studio having a clearer idea of how to move together.

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress - First Dance

So you have an idea of the general style of your wedding, but you’re still lost with what dress to choose. These Dos and Don’ts will help you make the best decision about wedding day style.

Since Ballroom Dance Chicago is a wedding/first dance studio, these Dos and Don’ts weigh heavily on your ability to move and be comfortable while also looking your best.

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How We Choreograph Your First Dance : Video

If you are taking dance lessons for your first dance, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be doing choreography, but if that’s something you’re interested in, you might be wondering how we approach the process. Watch our video to find out.

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How Many Lessons You Actually Need to Get Ready for Your First Dance

This is an abridged answer to the questions, “how many dance lessons do we need for our first dance?” If you want to read a more thorough answer, click here.

Every couple who comes to Ballroom Dance Chicago to prepare for their first dance wants to know how much time/energy they must dedicate to the learning process. As teachers, we find this to be one of the most difficult questions to answer.

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