Learning to Dance

Your Relationship May Be Failing

When the heart turns away, even slightly, when one or both partners begin to question the soundness of their love, it can be very easy to lose a relationship to snowballing negativity. The truth is that once trouble starts, it can be nearly impossible to stop and/or reverse that kinetic energy. Let dancing help you solve the troubles between you and your significant other!

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So You Think You Want a Choreographed First Dance...or Do You?

Quite Possibly!  But it’s not your only option.  First off, we understand why a lot of people would want choreography for their first wedding dance.  It would certainly be comforting to get up in front of all of your guests on your wedding day and know you can rely on a specific pattern of steps when you begin your first dance.  If you carefully rehearse every detail of your first wedding dance, that could go a long way in helping you feel confident that you'll hit all the great moments you want to highlight in your wedding song. 

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I Don't Have Any Rhythm... Should I even bother with Dance Lessons?

We’re glad you asked!  First of all, everyone has rhythm.  Your heart beats. Your breath can quicken or slow. There’s even a cadence in the way you walk and brush your teeth.  You already have rhythm.  You just have to learn to listen for it.  Learning to listen for rhythm is really just learning to recognize the regular patterning of beats within music. All it takes is a little awareness, practice, and self confidence!

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BDC Student Spotlight: Stephen & Danielle Abernathy

With their beach wedding quickly approaching, Stephen and Danielle came to Ballroom Dance Chicago for a special first dance; as Stephen put it, he wanted to “look classy.” They spent the following months learning country two step and single swing to their favorite song, Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You.” 

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