First Dance

Say Yes to Your First Dance

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of details to be accounted for when planning your wedding reception, and of course, every couple has their own priorities. But, whether your wedding will be a formal affair or a quirky, unique celebration, your first dance as a married couple is the one detail that can’t slip through the cracks of your wedding planning process. So, why is the first dance so important?

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Jeremy & Lacey's Navy Pier Summer Wedding

Jeremy and Lacey got married at the beautiful Crystal Gardens of Navy Pier in Chicago. Beneath the ferris wheel and in the light of the fireworks, they tied their lives together, and celebrated with all their friends and family. Read More

Tom & Jori's Rustic & Chic Farm Wedding

Tom and Jori threw their celebration outside Chicago at farm near Rockton, IL. Surrounded by beautiful fields and rustic vintage details, they said 'I do' and danced the night away. Read more here.

Jill & Cameron's Chic, City Wedding

Jill & Cameron planned a chic wedding in the city at Hotel Monaco. Surrounded by the blue sky and Chicago's skyscrapers, they tied the knot & danced to the acoustic version of Sam Smith's "Latch."

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How Long Should the First Dance Be? : Music Cutting Services

“How long should the first dance be?” is a question we’ve come to expect upon meeting a couple for their first wedding prep lesson. Seven glorious minutes swaying in your loved-one’s arms sounds pretty much synonymous with enjoying seven layers of delicious chocolate cake, but it actually isn’t. Shocker, we know! After taking a few lessons, most brides and grooms are painfully aware of how long even just two minutes of dancing can feel, but they aren’t necessarily adept at knowing how to transform the seven minute ballad they’ve chosen into an abbreviated two minute version in a graceful, timely manner. Enter BDC.

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A Romantic First Dance at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Patrick & Emily tied the knot at The Chicago Botanic Garden on October 17th, 2015. We caught up with them & asked them some questions about learning to dance for their wedding. 

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How Many Dance Lessons Do We Need to Prepare for Our Wedding?

This question has a complex answer so bear with us while we start with a story:

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After the Buddha had spent years walking from village to village answering questions about the meaning of life and how to reach a state of enlightenment, he was finally asked a question that caused even this most enlightened wise man to sit and contemplated.

A young man in fine clothing asked to meet with him in private, insisting that he needed the full attention of the Buddha.

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How to Choose Your First Dance Song: Video

You may have tons of great ideas for choosing your first dance song. Or maybe you have no idea how to begin! This video will offer some insight an advice on how to choose a wedding song that's right for you.  

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BDC Student Spotlight: Stephen & Danielle Abernathy

With their beach wedding quickly approaching, Stephen and Danielle came to Ballroom Dance Chicago for a special first dance; as Stephen put it, he wanted to “look classy.” They spent the following months learning country two step and single swing to their favorite song, Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You.” 

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