Should We Practice Our Dance? : Video

Welcome to Ballroom Dance Chicago’s blog. Today, we’re discussing how to practice your dance moves. Often times when people think of practicing dancing, they think of long hours in front of a mirror critiquing themselves. That sounds very overwhelming! Instead, practice in tiny segments. If you have five minutes here or there, try out a couple of dance moves.

At Ballroom Dance Chicago, our favorite times to practice are:

  • Waiting for our tea to steep
  • Walking down the street
  • Making dinner

Practicing on your own is as much about frequency as it is about perfection. Practicing for a few minutes at a time, more often, cuts down on the time in lessons you spend reviewing and allows you to progress more quickly.

This is particularly important for couples preparing for their first dance. The only way to kill it at your wedding is to come in consistently for lessons and to practice regularly. The more time you spend working on your first dance, the more confident and comfortable you’ll feel on your wedding day.

Please contact us if you have any questions about practicing, dance lessons for your wedding or social dance lessons.