How to Make the Most of Your Crash Course : Video

Your wedding is coming right up, and you've decided to take a few crash course dance lessons. Hurray! Taking even a few lessons will help you feel comfortable performing your first dance and will put your nerves at ease. With the crash course, you have very little time to prepare for your first dance, so it's imperative that you get the most out of each dance lesson you're able to take. Here's some advice on how to approach your crash course lessons from the instructors at Ballroom Dance Chicago. 


Lydia: If you're running short on time before your wedding, not to worry! The crash course is for couples just like you. Let's talk to a few instructors at Ballroom Dance Chicago to see what tips they have to offer when doing a crash course.

Cathy: Be open & honest with your instructor about what you hope to accomplish. Each couple has a different vision of what they want their first dance to look and feel like. Once we meet with you, we can give you advice on what you can expect given your time frame.

Rachael: During your lessons, try your best to keep a positive outlook. It can be difficult when you're focusing on a bunch of tiny details, but instead, just focus on all of the successes you're having together. 

Cathy: Be in the moment, without distractions. Leave your cell phone at the coatrack and wedding planning at the door. 

Rachael: If you have questions, ask! There really aren't any stupid questions, and the more information that you have, the more confident you'll feel while you're dancing. 

Lydia: Dancing can feel very different, depending on the shoes you're wearing. If you have your wedding shoes, we recommend wearing them to each of your lessons. If you don't have your shoes yet, something similar will work. 

Cathy: Because you have such a limited time with us, we suggest practicing as often as possible between lessons. More practicing will ensure that we're progressing from lesson to lesson and continuing to move forward. If you'd like more practice tips, check out our video on how to practice. 

Lydia: The most important thing you can do is just relax and have fun. Though learning to dance does require focus, if you're able to have a good time learning, you'll have an even better time performing your first dance. 

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