How to Fill the Dance Floor at Your Wedding Reception

Pack your wedding dance floor!

Your ceremony was gorgeous, your guests had a blast at cocktail hour, and your first dance as husband and wife went off without a hitch, but the party has only just begun! Of course you and your fiancé are going to have a great time partying at the reception; the day is all about you, after all… but how can you be sure your guests will join in on the fun?


Whether you hire a D.J. or a band to entertain your guests, there are a few crucial steps to keep in mind while coordinating with your entertainers. A beautiful, personalized, well-crafted reception can easily fall flat without the right music to keep the mood going, so don’t let this detail fall off your radar!

Here are some key points for customizing your reception entertainment:

1. Make a “DO NOT PLAY” list.
You and your fiancé should each come up with a list of songs and artists that you simply do not want to hear on your wedding day under any circumstances… i.e. songs that remind you of past relationships or bad memories, the chicken dance, or that Justin Beiber song that you can’t stand to hear one more time.

2. Consider your closest friends and family members, and add a couple of their favorites to the queue.
You know what gets your friends and family singin’ and dancin’, so even if it’s not your favorite song, make sure some of their favorites make it into the playlist. Not only will they appreciate you for thinking of them, but it’s also a sure-fire way to get them out on the dance floor.

3. Have a back-up plan.
Always account for the possibility of technical difficulties! D.J. equipment can falter, or the band might need to take a break. Assign a member of your wedding party to manage this type of situation. They can cue some impromptu speeches when the music stops or have speakers and an iPod on hand in the event of an emergency.

4. Hold your wedding party accountable.
They are there to support you, after all, so make them your dance floor ambassadors. Ask them to be out on the dance floor all night, and remind them to include everyone in the party. They should be pulling people onto the floor all night long.

5. Let it go.
Don’t micro-manage. You know your guests best, but chances are the D.J. or band you hired has been to more weddings than you have. As the experts, they should know how to control the mood of the party and handle any situations as they come. It’s important to share your vision with your entertainers, but try to leave the details to the professionals.Image

The party will undoubtedly be a hit if you’ve covered all of your bases! Now, all you have to do is dance the night away.

How did you plan for your reception entertainment? Share your reception entertainment tips below in the comments!