Most Popular First Wedding Dance Songs

Finding the perfect first dance song is tough! But, familiarizing yourself with the most popular first dance songs can definitely help guide your search. The 7 songs listed in this blog are popular for a reason: each one has a unique style, includes lyrics that are fitting for a wedding, and inspires movement that makes sense for a first dance. 

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How to Choose Your First Dance Song: Video

You may have tons of great ideas for choosing your first dance song. Or maybe you have no idea how to begin! This video will offer some insight an advice on how to choose a wedding song that's right for you.  

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Our Favorite First Dance Songs of 2014

Finding the perfect first dance song can be a bit overwhelming at first, but when you have the right goals in mind, it’s much easier/ to narrow them down! Here are a few things to consider while on the hunt for the perfect song...

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Country Western First Dance Songs

Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of couples using a country song for their first dance. Country music is a great choice for a first dance because the lyrics are often romantic and poetic, and couples can dance an entertaining mix of two-step and swing.

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Our Favorite First Dance Songs of 2012

As a dance studio that specializes in wedding dance instruction, we listen to tons of first dance songs. Here are some of our favorites of 2012 that are great for dancing and unique for a first dance. Check them out!

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Dance Song

Whether you have a special song or not, it’s important to keep in mind that the first dance isn’t necessarily danced to your special song. The first dance is really about the newlyweds’ demonstrating their ability to move together as one – a metaphor for their new lives together. If “your song” isn’t danceable or in the style you want, you should choose a different song. Here are a few important things to consider when deciding on a song for your first dance.

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