Our Favorite First Dance Songs of 2014

Finding the perfect first dance song can be a bit overwhelming at first, but when you have the right goals in mind, it’s much easier/ to narrow them down! Here are a few things to consider while on the hunt for the perfect song:

1. Does the song make you want to tap your toes or sway side to side? If not, simply keep looking.

2. Do the lyrics send the right message? Look out for those beautiful love songs about break-ups, lost love, or infidelity!

3. Does the feeling of the song express you and your fiance’s relationship? If you’re particularly fun and outgoing or romantic and reserved, your first dance should be too!

Below, we’ve listed our favorite first dance songs from 2014 along with a quick description of the vibe of each song. Take a look, and you might just find the one!

1) Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Song: Modern, Indie and Upbeat
Lyrics: Quirky and Adorable
Dance style: Fun and Bouncy

2) Swept Away by The Avett Brothers (Sentimental Version)

Song: Folky and Acoustic
Lyrics: Romantic and Sentimental
Dance style: Relaxed and Intimate

3) A Beautiful Place to Be by Tyronne Wells

Song: Beautiful and Sultry, Driving Beat
Lyrics: Hopeful and Loving
Dance style: Exciting and Sweeping

4) Is This Love by Corinne Bailey Rae

Song: Sultry, Modern R&B Jam
Lyrics: Sweet and Romantic
Dance style: Soft and Low-key

5) Just One Look by Doris Troy

Song: Upbeat and Fun
Lyrics: Simple and Loving
Dance style: Energetic and Groovy

6) Nothing Can Change This Love by Sam Cooke

Song: Classic and Relaxed
Lyrics: Romantic and Playful
Dance style: Soulful and Sweeping

7) All Of Me covered by Postmodern Jukebox

Song: Jazzy and Unique
Lyrics: Passionate and Expressive
Dance style: Slow and Sassy

8) You Send Me by Aretha Franklin

Song: Soulful and Upbeat
Lyrics: Endearing and Joyful
Dance style: Groovy and Fun

9) XO by Beyonce

Song: Modern and Poppy
Lyrics: Unique and Exciting
Dance style: Unconventional and Fun

10) You are My Sunshine by Sara Gazarek

Song: Jazzy and Classic
Lyrics: Cute and Joyful
Dance style: Fun and Playful

We can’t wait to hear all the great choices to come in 2015!  Share your favorite love songs in the comments below!