BDC Student Spotlight: Dan & Amanda - Whimsical Vintage Wedding

Walking into the studio in T-shirts and jean shorts, holding helmet in one hand and coffee mug in the other, Dan and Amanda talked to us about the vintage-style wedding that they’d been planning with total excitement. From the old broken doors from the 50s’ that they found in their basement, the vintage-inspired dress, the Polaroids, and the beer that they’d been brewing, they showed us their playful and creative personalities, love of art marking, and unique eye for details. Dan and Amanda are definitely one of the most lively and loving couples we have worked with and their positive energy was contagious! Lessons with them were always full of joy and laughter.  Even though they knew how they wanted the first dance to look from the start, they were open to possibilities and thoroughly enjoyed learning to dance together during the whole process. The final product was a dance that was thoughtfully crafted like everything else in their wedding, and yet, fun and spontaneous, just like them.

How did you meet? We were friends first for 5 years before we rekindled in London. We first met at a college party with friends and hung out with the same group of friends. When Dan went off to study abroad in London, he asked me and two other friends to come visit him. London was a special place and our relationship sparked from friendship to romantic. The rest is history!

What is your favorite place in Chicago? Anywhere with good company! Whether it’s eating, biking, dancing, joking, watching, playing, or just simply hanging, when we’re with good people that’s the place to be for us. Of course, there are memorable places for us in Chicago, but without loving people to share it with (or each other) it would mean much, much less.

What do you enjoy doing together on your day off? We love to bike up to the Botanical Gardens in Glencoe; it’s a great ride and the views are always stunning and peaceful.

What was your marriage proposal like? We took the weekend off to get out of the city and booked a bed and breakfast in Galena, IL. I had my suspicions, but Dan played it cool for the entire ride down. The first night we were at the bed and breakfast, Dan told me to close my eyes and got down on one knee. I opened my eyes and he held up a gorgeous ring next to his smiling face. Amanda didn’t say “yes,” she said “YEAH!”

Where did you have your wedding? Hachland Hill Vineyard in Joelton, TN- Near Nashville.

What are some of your favorite moments at your wedding? Just how wonderful everything came together. We worked hard for a year designing and crafting our wedding, and it was amazing to watch everything fall together perfectly among friends and family who traveled across the country to be with us. And of course marrying each other!

What song(s) did you dance to as your first dance? Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong “Dancing Cheek to Cheek" and The Diamonds’ “The Stroll.”

What styles of dance did you learn? What is your favorite style? We learned the Foxtrot and Triple Step Swing. We both loved the Swing the best! It fit our 50’s themed wedding and we had so much fun doing it!

How did your first dance go? We didn’t know that the dance floor was on an angle (because it was outside) so throughout the dance, we were dancing uphill and downhill. It was a challenge and we know that If we did not practice as much as we did, it might have thrown us off a bit, but we pulled it off with only one mistake! We had a blast!

What advice would you give other couples who are learning to dance together? Ladies, learn to listen to your partner! I had to let go, give in, and let him lead. He was very good at it, too! Be patient, you’re both learning it together. Have fun with the whole experience – that fun will translate from you to anyone who is watching and make it unconditionally enjoyable!