6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Dance Song

Whether you have a special song or not, it’s important to keep in mind that the first dance isn’t necessarily danced to your special song. The first dance is really about the newlyweds’ demonstrating their ability to move together as one – a metaphor for their new lives together. If “your song” isn’t danceable or in the style you want, you should choose a different song. Here are a few important things to consider when deciding on a song for your first dance:

1. Is the song danceable? Find a song that has a strong beat. The beat of a song is similar to heartbeats; it is a consistent beat that determines the pace of a song. When you hear a song, particular one with an obvious beat, such as “Call Me Maybe” (not that we suggest you dance to this), you would naturally want to tap  your foot, nod your head or even shake your hips! And while you are tapping the beat, you can find out the tempo of a song. A song that is neither too fast or slow would be ideal.

2. How do you want your dance to look? Romantic? Elegant? Fun? Traditional? Contemporary? Upbeat? Slow and smooth? Depending on the style you like, you can choose a song that carries the same feel. Tell your dance teacher about your vision so that he/she can help you choose a song that matches the style you are looking for.

3. Are the lyrics appropriate? The melody of a song may sound sweet and romantic but that doesn’t mean a song is appropriate for your wedding. Listen to the lyrics and make sure there aren’t any negative hidden meanings or inappropriate language. Check out this list of songs that you shouldn’t use as your first dance song.

4. Can your band or DJ play the song? It is important to make sure that your band or DJ will play the version of your song that you have been practicing to. Any tempo or compositional changes can affect your dancing, especially if you have a choreographed or semi-choreographed dance.

5. Is the song too long? A first dance should be no longer than 3 minutes. 2 to 3 minutes is the ideal length for a first dance. Keep it short and sweet so that your guests can enjoy the first dance and not get bored. Consider that professional performances are usually no more than 2-minute long.

6. Do you both like the song? It is important to find a song that you both enjoy. You want to make sure you will have fun dancing to the song and make the first dance a memorable moment for yourself and your guests.

“Love is a lot like dancing, you just surrender to the music.”
– Pierce Brosnon

What is/was your first song? How did you choose your first song? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us. We’d like to hear about your thoughts!