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Here Are Ten Straight-Forward Reasons to Learn at Ballroom Dance Chicago:

1. We don’t just say we personalize our lessons. We actually do.

We listen in on clues you give us throughout the process to create a first dance that is representative of your personalities. We do not recycle routines or moves from student to student, and we don’t force you into any movement you won’t be fully comfortable with.

The average studio claims to personalize, but sticks to a rigid syllabus and teaches the same sets of moves in the same order regardless of your personality, comfort level or musical tastes.

2. We keep the learning process flexible, light, and playful.

We understand that mistakes have to be made while learning something new and learning to dance is no exception! We encourage our students to continue exploring movement through trial and error, rather than stressing correctness on the first try. We keep the entire process low-pressure so that you can focus on learning and enjoying quality time together.

The average studio has “certified” instructors, which means they have been taught a rigid syllabus for teaching beginners to dance. Their instructors are expected to break down movement the same way for every student, regardless of his or her unique learning style. At Ballroom Dance Chicago, all instructors go through an extensive examination that tests each of our abilities to adapt our teaching styles to individual students.

3. We help you think through every detail of your first dance. We don’t just teach you to dance and send you on your way.

We want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible on your big day. We don’t leave the small details up to chance. To ensure that you’re prepared, we offer complimentary wedding showcases every month and rehearsal skirts to simulate the experience of your wedding day throughout the process.

The average studio prepares you to do dance moves. They do not consider how the first dance fits into the reception or how you’ll feel before, during and after you dance in front of your friends and family. If you engage in our process, you won’t feel intimidated by dancing, you’ll feel proud and confident moving with your loved one.

4. We’ll pay for you to take a lesson at another studio, if they don't offer a complimentary consultation. 

We invite you to compare us to other ballroom, Latin and wedding dance studios. In fact, we’ll give you a complimentary consultation at Ballroom Dance Chicago and pay for you to have a lesson at the studio of your choice (if they don't offer a complimentary consultation or intro lesson) so you can directly experience why we’re better.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary dance consultation today and to learn more about this offer!

5. We know that music is about more than rhythm.

We believe that dancing starts with music, so why learn steps before you connect with a song? We not only teach you to move rhythmically, but to express the emotions the song evokes. From the beginning of the process we will explore how music inspires traditional ballroom and latin dance forms (like waltz, foxtrot or salsa), while at the same time giving you confidence to move to any music, whether it fits a specific style or not.

We do not play the same tired, old ballroom and Latin music just because it is the right beats per minute. Our song choices are dictated by the preferences of our students, whether that’s modern, classic, country or something entirely different. Let us know what your favorite songs are, and we’ll add them to our queue.

6. We are innovators. We don’t just adhere to the traditions of ballroom dance.

All of our staff members come from diverse movement backgrounds, giving us a fresh take on the traditions of ballroom and Latin dance styles. While we are well versed in the concepts and techniques of traditional partner dances, we don’t let them limit us and, therefore, we don’t let them limit you.

The average studio hands you a list of standardized moves that only work in limited situations: mainly, at ballroom competitions.


7. We're all full-time, committed staff

Our entire staff, including the owner, is here whenever the studio is open. As a team, we are constantly thinking about our students and how to make their experience as fulfilling as possible. We hold one another accountable for teaching outstanding lessons and continuing to grow as instructors. Because of our cohesion as a staff, all of our students feel as though they are a part of our tight knit community.

The average studio has part-time and freelance contracted instructors who are oftentimes not on the same page. They struggle to share space, music, and to create a welcoming atmosphere.

8. We don’t just teach you steps and patterns. We understand the real value of dancing.

The real value of dancing is in the connection you make with your partner. While we focus on your dancing in lessons, we also acknowledge that it’s a fun pastime that strengthens the bonds of a relationship.

Unlike the average studio, we don’t make a hundred claims about how dancing will benefit your life. While we acknowledge that dance has endless benefits, we don’t dilute the process by focusing on what isn’t important. The focus is you, your partner and the connection between you.

9. We have the ideal learning environment.

Our space is large and beautiful, with enough comfort that you’ll feel like you’re coming to a friend’s house on every visit. Beyond comfort, our space is also designed with learning and focus in mind. We have a large dance floor so you’ll never feel crowded and a state-of-the-art sound system so that your teacher can play music from anywhere in the studio.

Unlike the average studio, we do not have fluorescent lights or an overabundance of mirrors. The last thing that people need in a learning environment is an unflattering view of themselves or their partner! We don’t have crystal chandeliers or wear gaudy rhinestone dresses. Our space is exactly like us: approachable and warm.

10. We don’t push you to buy more lessons. We inspire you to keep dancing.

We believe that you shouldn’t be pressured to dedicate your time and money to something you don’t enjoy. While our goal is to inspire every student to become a life-long dancer, we understand everyone has different priorities.

If you decide dancing is not one of them, we won’t pressure you to continue. The most we’ll do is inspire you to see the value of dancing in your life. Yes, we are a business, but you’ll never experience high-pressure sales at Ballroom Dance Chicago.

11. We offer two convenient locations, so you can choose where you’d like to learn to dance.


Lakeview Studio
4039B N Ravenswood Ave
Chicago, IL 60613

This is our original studio and we’ve been in this location for almost 10 years.

West Loop/Fulton Market Studio
845 W Fulton St, Ste 213
Chicago, IL 60607

West Loop is a new home for us and we’re completely enthralled to be there!

As a student of ours, you can take lesson at either location or switch between them, depending on what’s convenient lesson-to-lesson. Some people choose a dance studio based on the convenience of the location, while others see their dance lessons as part of a date night, and scheduled based on the surrounding restaurant scene and nightlife. Both studios have great restaurants nearby, but the West Loop studio definitely shines here as it is surrounded by all sorts of award winning restaurants.


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