Online Wedding Dance Lessons

While we have two studio locations in Chicago, we understand that not everyone interested in learning to dance lives within driving distance. And for those who do live in Chicago, we understand that coming into a studio once or twice a week to learn to dance is not always feasible. Which is why we created our sister company First Dance Online.

First Dance Online Offers Three Types of Online Lessons

Recorded First Dance Tutorials

Recorded tutorials are perfect if you want to learn a basic first dance. While the instruction is not personalized to you, the tutorials will teach you a whole first dance, including a few turns and a dip at the end. We’ll also guide you on how to match the movement to your song. These tutorials are easy to access at any time and place.

Cost: Full Access to the Basic Tutorials is free of charge.

Personalized First Dance Tutorials

Personalized first dance tutorials are designed for couples who prefer more tailored instruction and a custom-fit learning experience, but don't have time for in-studio lessons. These tutorials are like taking lessons in person, but are recorded and sent to you so you can learn at your own convenience.

Cost: $55 per video, purchased in a plan of frequency & duration

Live Streaming First Dance Lessons

Live Streaming dance tutorials are perfect for couples who live too far away or can't make it into a dance studio. These lessons are tailored to you and offer one-on-one time with your instructor so you can learn at your own convenience from wherever you are in the world. Lessons can be scheduled during studio hours.

Cost: $75 per video call, purchased as 5 or 10 sessions


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