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My wife and I LOVE Ballroom Dance Chicago. We signed up for 20 dance classes in preparation for our wedding. Our instructor, Lydia, was amazing! We learned the basics to dance and then progressed into a choreographed piece for the big day! Rachael, Cathy and Matthew also have made us feel like family at the studio. We have gone back numerous times to enjoy the group dance classes and have encouraged other couples we know to attend with us!! Great for a date night or a casual class to freshen up your moves!
— Patrick, 2016
My husband and I had an amazing experience at Ballroom Dance Chicago. Our instructor was Catherine who is so fun to work with. She always put us in a good mood, and let me tell you there were plenty of times we came in with a bad mood. We had both never done any dance lessons together but always talked about how we wanted to try. When we got engaged we knew we didn’t just want to, as my dad called it, ‘hug n waddle’ on the dance floor. We wanted to do something fun and more meaningful. Catherine helped us develop a routine that fit our personality. 

BDC is a great dance studio and everyone there is very friendly. We never had one bad experience. Also a plus is the beer they have on tap (something my husband loved!) So if you are looking for a dance studio for your wedding, or just for fun, go to BDC! You will not be disappointed.
— Nicole, 2015
My husband and I had THE. BEST. TIME. taking dance lessons at Ballroom Dance Chicago. Our main goal was to learn a first dance for our wedding, but we ended up scheduling several more sessions - we always found our time in the studio to be special and different from our normal routine of life. 

The staff is fantastic! We worked with Lydia, but every other instructor made a point to get to know us and make us feel special. Lydia was a total blast; our lessons felt easy and light- we laughed a ton with her!

The night of our wedding, we were so nervous for the dance, but we nailed it. Both my husband and I agreed that having friends and family cheering us on around the dance floor while we danced something that we had been practicing for so long was a true highlight of the night and a moment we’ll always treasure.
— Emily, 2016
Ballroom Dance Chicago is amazing! From the first trial lesson through the final practice, the Ballroom Dance Chicago team kept things fun and met us at our level. My husband understands dance direction through words, and I’m much more visual. Our incredible teacher Rachael adjusted to each of our styles. Importantly, she kept us focused on enjoying the experience together, instead of obsessing over getting every detail exactly right. Our dance lessons were by far the best (and most fun) part of the planning process, and the actual dance at our wedding was a blast. Of all of the investments we made in the wedding, this is one where we actually had a new skill at the end of the process! Dancing at other people’s weddings since we started lessons has become exponentially more fun! It’s important to mention that BDC holds wedding showcases once a month where you get to practice your dance in a supportive environment, in front of other couples who are also learning their first dances. This is an incredible opportunity to work out some of the nerves. I highly recommend taking advantage of this! They also have really fun seasonal dance parties and group outings. If you want, BDC can be an incredible community to be a part of! We have decided to continue on with lessons now that the wedding is over to keep learning more sweet moves. Incredibly professional, always fun, and never intimidating, the BDC team is the absolute best!
— Amanda, 2015


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