Students of the Month - Oct 2019

Everyone, meet Matt Eaton and Edurne Vega! Matt is a Materials Science and Engineering PhD student at Northwestern University, originally from Allenstown, New Hampshire. Edurne, a Project Architect at NORR, Inc. is originally from Pamplona, Spain. They have lived in Chicago for 4 years.

Matt and Edurne started dance at Ballroom Dance Chicago because they were looking for a fun activity to do as a couple during the week that wasn’t just sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

Before coming to BDC, they had no formal training though Edurne has always loved dancing socially. Throughout college, Matt had some experience with Musical Theatre, but it was always big, showy, and ridiculous- never really focusing on the technical aspects of dancing. 

The Latin dances are their favorites, with salsa being their main focus.

Students of the Month- Oct 2019

What keeps bringing you back to Ballroom Dance Chicago?

“We like BDC because it’s a friendly, laid-back environment. We learn what we want to learn without being too stressed out about getting it 100% right. That way we can always focus on having a good time and decompress from our stressful jobs.

Definitely our goal is to have fun, and connect better as a couple. We also both want to be more confident when we are out dancing at a bar, club, or wedding.”

Do You Ever Use Your Dancing Outside of the Studio?

“We have gone out a couple times to dance at Dylan's but not as much as we’d like. We also tried out our salsa moves at a salsa club when we were on our honeymoon in Mexico. It was fun, and were only slightly overwhelmed by how great everyone else was! We hope to go out more and apply what we’ve learned.”

What would you say to someone that is thinking about taking classes at BDC? 

“Do it! What are you waiting for?! It’s super fun!”