Students of the Month - Sept 2019

Meet Alba and Ramón. Two years ago they left their homes in Madrid, Spain to come to Chicago to study for their masters degrees in engineering. They now work in the Chicago area as engineers

We’re so happy to have them as students and wanted to recognize all the hard work they’ve put in over the the months. They’re now some of our best Salsa dancers at Ballroom Dance Chicago! Say “hello” to your September 2019 Students of the Month!

Salsa Students of the month sept 2019 ballroom dance chicago.jpg

Why do you take dance dance lessons? 

“In the beginning [we came to Ballroom Dance Chicago] as a birthday present for Alba. We loved salsa from the very beginning so we stayed [for another month] and so far we’ve been students for more than one year. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it! We’ve only tried salsa together, and for now, we feel that it’s the style we like the most when we dance together. Every time we go out and there is a salsa song on we try to show off as much as possible, obviously ;) ”

Did you have dance experience before coming to Ballroom Dance Chicago?

“Alba did ballet for several years as well as flamenco a long time ago. [She’s always loved dancing]. For Ramon it was the first time going to a [dance school].”

Why do you keep coming back to Ballroom Dance Chicago?

We really have fun in class. Matthew is an awesome teacher and is always trying to get us to be the best.  

Our first goal is to enjoy dancing together, but of course we aim to improve or technique as well as cleaning up all the movements.

What would you say to someone that is thinking about taking classes at Ballroom Dance Chicago?

Stop thinking about it and just do it! The atmosphere is awesome. It’s impossible not to have fun. The environment is very welcoming for everybody.

Anything else you want to add?

We will make an effort to become not only the students of the month but of the year :)