Student Spotlight of the Month May 2019

The Student Spotlight post for May is, Mary Molman, a dancer and book lover. The story on how she ended up walking through the doors of Ballroom Dance Chicago for the first time is one of my favorites. You know those kinds of things you do to impress a crush? Molman wanted to impress an actor she adored. This actor (who will not be named) had a video of him dancing the Tango. When she watched the video she instantly wanted to gain the knowledge of Tango in hopes of meeting him one day. Another reason she walked into the studio for first time is she also wanted to do something for herself. In many cases, you look online to find out what that certain something could be so, the research began and when she came across Ballroom Dance Chicago she knew it would be the right place for her and ever since she has had Tango filled nights on Thursdays for the next two years. When she is not dancing the Tango with the owner Matthew Sove, Mary is brainstorming on the what the most talked about book she wants to be on her shelves. Molman is a partner for a bookstore called “Booked”. It sits right in evanston on Main st. and Chicago Ave. It has amazing reads for children to come find their next book in their favorite series. The books are carefully curated to have a diverse selection of new titles and classics for youthful readers. The bookstore even offers events to meet the great authors of the books she sells like Ami Polonsky author of Gracefully Grayson. There is no reason why you would not want to stop into this bookstore. Mary is one of a kind. A bookstore owner by day and a tango dancer by night.

To learn more about Mary Molmans bookstore in Evanston visit

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