June 2019 Student of the Month

Congrats to Hannah!

Read on to learn more about her and her dance journey at BDC

My name is Hannah Weller, and I'm from Evanston.

What brought you to BDC?

Before BDC, I took salsa classes while I was at Indiana University. We did rueda de casino, where we all danced in a circle and someone would call out the dance moves. After I graduated, I wasn't able to dance as much. I was eager to dance again, so I searched for a new dance place and I found BDC.

Did you have dance experience before coming to BDC? If so, explain

Yes at the university of Indiana dancing salsa

How long have you been dancing at BDC?

I've been coming to BDC for about seven months.

What is your favorite style of dance?


Why do you keep coming back to BDC?

What I love about going to BDC is that I'm always given advice on how to improve my dancing.

What are your goals when you dance? To have fun? Explain as much as possible.

My goal when I dance is to be in the moment. There are times when I dance, I worry too much about my steps and don't have as much fun. When I relax, follow my lead, and listen to the music, the moment is pure bliss.

What would you say to someone that is thinking about taking classes here?

What I would say to someone who is thinking about taking dance classes here, is go for it! Whether you are new or experienced,  BDC is great place to go dance.

Anything else you want to add?

I love how BDC focuses on the idea of how to become a better dancer and expands it to things outside the dance class.