How to Make Your Dancing Better Instantly

“Lift your head up and stand up straight!”

Your parents may have told you to stand up straight countless times when you were young. And they had a good reason for nagging: good posture not only makes you look better but it also makes you feel better!

In addition, as dancers, we know good posture is extremely important for good dancing. When you have good posture, you feel lighter on your feet, more balanced and more efficient with movement. And, most of all, you feel more confident and powerful!

Now, let us share some of the worst postures and conclude with a description of good posture. It’s time to start walking like a dancer!


1. The Beyonce – Chest and booty out. Lower back compression/pain. Hyper extended knees.

2. The Uncle Arnie – Slumped shoulders. Pelvis tucked under. Tends to turn feet out and shuffle (thoracic kyphosis).

3. The Turtle – Head slides forward and does not sit over the shoulders. Carries weight on the toes.

4. The Leaning Tower – Carries tension in one shoulder (usually from carrying a heavy purse or using that shoulder to talk on the phone. Accompanied by back/neck pain and a tilted head.

5. The Stress Monster/ the Shoulder Pads – Carries tension in shoulders and pulls them up near the ears when thinking or concentrating.


The Dancer – Head is above shoulders. Torso above pelvis. Shoulders down. Projects confidence and poise.

If you have any other questions about posture or dancing, please let us know. Also, check back soon for a post about ways to improve your posture!