Dance & Your Sex Life

Dance & your sex life

It’s no secret that certain dances can really heat things up: think Flashdance, or that go- go dancer at the club last weekend. Ladies, I know you’re thinking about that scene in Dirty Dancing, and though I would thoroughly enjoy being thrust into the air like an angel, this baby would rather be in the corner with Swayze if you know what I mean. But, even more important than getting a little hot on the dance floor, the way we move with our partner can reveal a lot about our relationship preferences and sex lives behind the scenes.

In an article published in Psychology Today, Dr. Peter Lovatt suggests that we communicate the quality of our genes to potential mates through dance. He found that women prefer dancing with men with heightened testosterone levels, and men prefer dancing with women who are at the fertile stage of their cycle. Because there is a direct correlation between our hormonal levels and our preferred dance partner, Lovatt’s study proves that dance can even play a role in our mate selection process!

But, as intriguing as these findings are, we don’t need scientific proof to tell us that there are countless benefits to making dance a part of your relationship. Here are just a few:

1)    The experience of leading and following each other through a dance builds intimacy and trust in your partnership.

2)    While learning together, both partners must exhibit patience, cooperation, and support: all necessary qualities for a healthy, thriving relationship.

3)    Dancing provides a special attention to physical connectivity and responsiveness, which translates directly into a more satisfying sex life. The knowledge you gain about your body as well as your partner’s provides you with the confidence and ability to satisfy each other’s needs.

Learning to dance with our partner gives us a place to practice these healthy patterns, which in turn, show up in our day-to-day experiences together. Plus, there is no denying that dancing with a partner is an intimate body contact experience, so what better way is there to connect and share time with your lover than holding each other in frame and moving in sync together?

How has dancing positively influenced your relationship? Share below in the comments!