BDC Student Spotlight: Dance & a Southern Garden Party, Alex & Charlotte Langerman

On a chilly evening in late March, two ‘Honorary Southerners’ arrived at BDC looking to learn a relaxed and elegant dance for their wedding in June. After warming up with a glass of red wine and listening to a few songs they had in mind, Alex and Charlotte decided on ‘Everlasting Light’ by the Black Keys as the song for their first dance. They spent the next three months learning a mix of slow foxtrot and smooth swing, and enjoyed the challenge of dancing together and working toward a shared goal. Following a stellar performance at their wedding, Alex and Charlotte continue to learn more about each other through dance, and are currently working on some spicy salsa steps- which may make an appearance at an upcoming BYOB party!

What’s your favorite thing about Chicago? We love great food and music, and Chicago’s got plenty of both. We live in East Lakeview which also provides tremendous diversity and exposure to new ideas and different cultures and ways of life.

If your life were a movie, which actors would portray you? Simon Baker (known as TV’s Mentalist) and Christina Applegate (of “Bundy Bounce” fame, and most recently Up All Night). It would be a romantic comedy traversing the globe set in exotic locales with plenty of food and likely a cameo by Anthony Bourdaine. There would also be a dog named Stella played by herself.

How did your wedding guests react to your first dance? People loved the dance, and a few asked how long we had been dancing. Mostly, people just said we looked so happy, which was exactly what we were going for. We didn’t want to be too “showy” (although we did have some great moves!) but rather smooth and elegant.

Why did you want to take lessons for your first dance? We knew we would be in the center spotlight and wanted to feel comfortable out there. Having put so much thought and effort into the other aspects of the event, it was appropriate to have an elegant “performance”. We also love to get out and move on the dance floor, and figured we would learn some new fun moves in the process.