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I've been teaching people to dance for 15 years. Let's chat for a second about ballroom dance.

We offer both private ballroom lessons and BYOB ballroom group classes. If you're interested in either or have questions, please let us know and we'll get back to you right away with our options. 

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Ballroom Dance Chicago's Style of Ballroom Dance

By Matthew Sove

Ballroom dancing can be broken into two categories: social and competitive. And they're exactly what they sound like: social ballroom is about using dance as a means to socialize with other people; competitive ballroom is just that - competition. You dance in front of an audience and judges who give you scores based upon accepted standards and techniques associated with the dances.

At Ballroom Dance Chicago, our focus is 100% social dancing. We're well-versed in competitive ballroom dance, we just choose to look the other way. The main reason: every single one of these competitive dance styles started as a social dance before being standardized and given all sorts of techniques and figures that were then deemed acceptable and "good dancing." And it's our opinion that the best version of these dances are done between two people who are totally in the moment, dancing amongst a crowd at a social function. Competitive dance has it's place, just like any competitive sport has its place. It's just not usually in any of our lives, except for on TV. 

To get started learning how to ballroom dance, watch the below tutorial for the Waltz basic and then schedule a free consultation!

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