April 2019 Students of the Month

Congrats to Mike and Laura Canning!

Mike is a Chicago native and Laura is from upstate New York. They met when Laura moved to Chicago and the rest is history! 

  • What brought you to Ballroom Dance Chicago (BDC)?

    • We found BDC while planning our wedding and decided it would be fun to surprise our guests with a nice first dance, since our dancing skills were subpar, at best. 

  • Did you have dance experience before coming to BDC?

    • With subpar being our best, I would say negative on experience! 

  • How long have you been dancing at BDC?

    •  We have now been dancing with BDC for about 2.5 years now, we have grown exponentially in our dance skillz and knowledge. :)  

  • What is your favorite style of dance?

    • Our favorite style is Waltz, Waltz and more Waltz. We will give smooth swing and Foxtrot the time of day, as well, since that is where we started! 

  • Why do you keep coming back to BDC?

    • We keep coming back to BDC for the fun of dance and the atmosphere. Our love for it grew while we were planning our wedding and the team of BDC made our experience a getaway from planning stress. 

  • What are your goals when you dance?

    • Mike and I have found a lot of fun in dancing. It not only brings a new laughter to our relationship but also brings us a little closer and gives us an awesome challenge to work on together. 

  • Do you use your dance skills in any social settings (like out at a bar or gala or at studio parties)?

    • You can generally count on seeing us at studio parties. Since with our favorite style being waltz, socially, weddings are our best opportunities to show off our moves. If your looking for bodies to add to your dance floor, wink wink! 

  • What would you say to someone that is thinking about taking classes here?

    • For anyone thinking about taking classes at Ballroom Dance Chicago, do it! Not only is it an amazing date night, it is fun, a challenge, something new and different and we have met some pretty amazing people we may have never met otherwise. 

  • Anything else you want to add?  

    • Thank you to Matthew and the team for choosing us as your students of the month, there are many wonderful options you have to pick from. We always look forward to coming to class and joining in with the events. We can not rave enough about the staff at BDC! You have given us so much more than just our fancy new moves!