Adult Dance Classes in Chicago

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We specialize in teaching adults dance classes in ballroom, Latin and swing. We offer a couple of options for learning to dance: 

Private Dance Classes for Adults

This type of one-on-one (or one-on-two, if it's a couple) learning is what we believe is the best way to learn how to dance. You get the undivided focus of a professional dance teacher and he/she can help guide in in whatever direction you want your dancing to go. So that means you can choose the style of dance you'd like to learn as well as any specific moves or techniques (if you have any) that you'd like to learn. So, if you're serious about learning to dance, this is the type of dance class we recommend for you.


Group Dance Classes for Adults

Group dance classes are perfect for you if you're a casual learner who wants a social atmosphere. In group dance classes, you can pick the type of dance style you want to learn (swing, salsa or ballroom), but the instructor chooses which steps and techniques he/she thinks the class should learn. The instructor's attention will also be spread among the entire class. This doesn't mean you'll just be a random person in a giant group class who never gets acknowledged. It just means the individual attention you get will be limited to the number of people in the class. You can expect a handful of personalized comments.