7 Tips to De-stress During the Holiday Seasons

Why stress during the most joyful season? Why fight while we should be enjoying the time we spend with our loved ones? Below are a few tips to help you de-stress and get yourself ready for the holiday season.

1. Play Music and Dance. Create a playlist of songs that get you to your holiday spirit and dance! Music and movement have the power to energize you and help you get through stressful moments. Run your errands, wrap your gifts and pack your bags while dancing to your favorite music!

2. Breath Deeply. Take at least 5 minutes everyday to focus on your breath. You can either sit on a chair, close your eyes and take a several deep mindful breaths or simply watch your breath while you are walking to work or running errands. Deep breathing can decrease blood pressure, calm you down, and create healthy hormones.

3. Create a Manageable Plan. Create a to-do list that is realistic, set priorities and stick to it. Having a plan can help you feel more organized and you will finish your tasks more efficiently.

4. Ask for Help. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Stop controlling every detail and ask for help when needed. Sometimes there are better outcomes when you let go.

5. Eat Fresh and Moderately. Eat as much fresh food and avoid processed foods. Fresh food will give you more nutrients and energy and fresh fruit and vegetables can help balance out the sweets and heavy foods that you may have during holiday meals. And eat and drink moderately! Having too much food and alcohol can leave you the feelings of guilt which lead to stress.

6. Stay Active. Run, walk, jog, or dance! Any physical exercises can decrease your stress levels, burn off the holiday calories and leave you feeling energized and positive about the new year.

7. Forgive. Forgive your family members and yourself for the imperfections that we all share. You will feel less stressed when you focus on the small moments that bring joy and accept your family members as they are.

What do you do to de-stress during this holiday season? Please share with us!