"BDC has been an absolutely amazing experience - and a source of fun during an otherwise stressful wedding planning period. " - Julie, 2015



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Photo by In Tandem

Photo by In Tandem

Couldn't more highly recommend BDC! Lydia choreographed a show stopping first dance for us. The atmosphere is relaxed. You feel like you walked into a hip restaurant, not a stiff dance studio. The weekly lessons were a great way for my husband and I to connect while we were in the chaos of wedding planning. They make it so enjoyable and teach at your level. Don't wait any longer- start going right away! It was worth every penny!

- Kathryn & Chris, married May 2015


Photo by Aster & Olive

Photo by Aster & Olive

I wish I could give 6, 10, even 20 stars. These reviews speak for themselves; when it comes to dancing lessons, Ballroom Dance Chicago is the place to learn. Especially for the first dance at your wedding, when all eyes are on you, I knew we needed a little help. 

My (now) husband and I had fun every week with Cathy, learning moves that would make our wedding guests "ooh" and "aahh". Everyone is so friendly and each evening was so enjoyable that we found ourselves smiling the entire drive home. It helped take away so much stress of wedding planning, and was something we looked forward to each week.

I know dancing lessons may not be in everyone's budget, or much of a priority, but they should be!! Ours were worth every penny.

- Caitlin & Tony, married May 2015

Photo by Elena Bazini

Photo by Elena Bazini

BDC has been an absolutely amazing experience - and a source of fun during an otherwise stressful wedding planning period.  When I mentioned dance lessons to my fiancé, the look I received was priceless.  Being a loving fiancé, I ignored the look and proceed to book consultations.  Our first consultation at a competitor was absolutely horrifying, and only fed into my fiancé's argument against dance lessons.  We felt more like we were involved in a time share sales pitch than enjoying ourselves.  The instructor we were paired with did not listen to us at all and instead kept pushing various packages and additions.  We left, and I wasn't sure I would get my fiancé to another studio.

Enter BDC.  Immediately upon walking in the doors for our consultation, we were greeted with smiling faces and genuine interest in our wedding, our dance, and us as people.  We weren't a number or just people to fill a time slot.  The warm greeting  -- which we've experienced each and every time we've walked into BDC - made us feel welcome and in good company.  We were with friends now.

I should've prefaced this review with the statement that we do not dance.  At all.  Well, I take that back, my fiancé likes to "dance" but usually ends up splitting his pants on some dorky dance move (not even kidding).  Needless to say, we are not professionals.  We know nothing about dance.  That did not stop Lydia, our fearless leader, from diving right in and getting us moving.  We told her about our song (which is a remix) and our hopes and she took it from there.  Lydia is incredibly patient and answers each and every one of our ridiculous questions.  She puts moves together and explains them in a way that our novice minds can understand and follow.   Not to mention that Lydia joins in on us making fun of one another, which we enjoy even more.  Again, this isn't some awkward person with her own agenda, this is your friend, laughing and enjoying the experience right along with you.

BDC has offered a truly unique experience.  The entire staff is warm and friendly; we've even sat around after our lesson just chatting away.  The staff at BDC has quickly become our friends.  We laugh the entire time we are there and look forward to every week.  I can confidently say that BDC will prepare you for your first dance (or anything) and you will have an amazing time doing it - the experience here is unlike any you will have elsewhere.  Bring your two left feet to BDC and you won't be disappointed!

-Julie & Dave, married June 2015

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